Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make Extra Cash Producing And Selling Original Perfume


Why is it that women love perfume as much as men
love cars? There are some researchers who believe
that a woman’s reason for loving perfume is because
of the pheromones their bodies produce. Often,
certain scents or perfumes trigger the increase of
how much pheromone a woman’s body will produce.

While a perfume will help in increasing the
production of a woman’s pheromone levels, they are
also liked by women because of the attention they
get from a member of the opposite sex or even from
another woman.

In studies carried out, nearly 80% of all women
will make a perfume purchase at least once each

Many women will tell you that the reason they
purchase a particular perfume for themselves is
that it makes them smell great and they seem to
feel better about themselves. It also makes them
feel a little bit more feminine.

Not only does smelling great make a woman feel good
about herself, but it will make her feel attractive

In this book, we will be looking at ways of how to
make your own perfume so that you can produce a
scent which is particular to you, and unlike any of
those that you can buy either in store or over the

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